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ČSAD Turnov s.r.o.

Přepeřská 1602
511 01 Turnov


481 321 742

481 323 531

ČSAD Turnov s.r.o.

The private limited company was founded in 1997 as a result of privatization of a freight transport branch called ČSAD Turnov, which was a part of ČSAD Hradec Králové.

Originally pure traffic company transformed during the year 2010 into a modern logistic company, which offers complex services in all spheres of transport, logistic and consultancy in those.

In its own strong regional company background it runs a complete service to external transporters and subcontractors especially in car service, spare parts and accessories selling, own fuel filling station and last but not least stock keeping.

Since 2003 the company is an ISO 9001:2008 certificate holder.

Transport and logistic services:

The company disposes of own fleet of 40 lorries, then it uses a stable area of subcontractors for spedition services incorporated into company informative system; their drivers are trained in corporation standards and managed by a team of skilled traffic controllers.

Main parts of the fleet:

  • Bulk cargo sets 120m3
  • Semitrailer sets 100m3
  • Container chassis with loading possibility „high-cube“

We dispose of:

  • Semitrailer 90m3
  • Refrigerator sets
  • Trucks
  • Delivery vans
  • Pickup trucks


We afford complete services in transport and logistic area, from intrastate, international and third – state transit, eventually cabotage transport within the European Union to partial cargos locking and collective services all over the Europe.

Matter of fact are also services in conventional and express transport as well as complete consignment, f.e. „Just In Time“ (JIT), Milk-run, Kan-Ban and so on.

In co-operation with partners we are able to ensure railway, aerial and sea transport all over the world.

Thanks to close collaboration with informative system provider, who manages the team of experienced programmers, it is possible to adapt informative system for effective data exchange between our and customer’s programme. The client has feasibility to choose EDI system or web interface, in case of need our supplier projects a solution made to measure, according to customer needs. Data flows are used especially for online connection in ordering area, order-processing information, goods’ movement oversight, invoicing etc.

Obviosity is dispatching running 24hours a day, 7days a week, world languages communication.

In logistic area we prefer made to measure services, after customer needs analysis we make a solution and consequently bring in into practice.

Tempered storage space we carry on in our own entity. The other possibility is the usage of stockyards by contracting partners above all in central and north-east part of the Czech Republic.

The philosophy of your company is primarily customized accession, proficiency, skills and experiences of employees at all levels. We sensitively choose staff members both for driver or mechanician position and top management position.

In case of interest in our transport, logistic or other services, eventually price quotation processing for selection procedures, please, contact us at following phone numbers or e-mail addresses:

Executive director:

Ing. Milan Pitrman

Tel.: 481 321 742
Fax: 481 323 531
Mobil: 603 490 555


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